Are You Ready for Your Journey to Begin...

Hi I’m Amanda! Just your average Canadian gal chasing the triathlon dream. 


When I was young I watched the Ironman World Championships on some off chance one afternoon and knew right then that I wanted to do that one day. 15 years later, I crossed my first Ironman finish line and heard the iconic phrase “Amanda, You are an Ironman!” I’ve crossed 5 more since then (as well as numerous 70.3’s) and have no intention of slowing down. I’m still chasing that dream - well goal, steps are in place ;)


How about you? What sparked your interest when it comes to triathlon and Ironman? Was it seeing a local race, a family member or friend signing up, a life long dream of your younger self or maybe looking for a big, and I mean really big challenge - something that will not only test you physically but also mentally? I’d love to know! Hearing people’s stories and their journey to Ironman is part of the reason I love this sport! People getting together from around the world, chasing the same goal, to cross that finish line for a multitude of reasons. I can’t think of anything better!

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