Just Start

We hear it all the time, “the hardest part is getting started”.

And you know what? It’s true! Going into my third week of consistent training and it has gotten easier to find the time to train. I find myself thinking of how and when I am going to fit my training sessions in. I still have a fair way to go as thus far each week I have had to make in-week changes to the schedule in regards to when during the day I can train (sometimes I can at work and sometimes I cannot) and have had to also change training on certain days completely. Oh the great work-life, life-life and training-life balance! Sometimes setting a date with yourself to train just does not cut it! But I am getting the time in, hopefully it gets easier as the majority of family birthdays are now over (5 family birthdays in less then 2 months).

Because of the family commitments and my long drive to work each morning (it’s 50km, so I am up at 5am to get ready and walk the dog to be out the door by 6ish to be at work for 7am) early morning workouts are kind of out the window for me. But with that being said flexibility is a skill, one that I have begun to embrace as I have gotten older. Do what you can when you can- if it is a priority, make it happen – and on top of it all, be smart about it (i.e. don’t do two killer run sessions in a row, even though you love to swim do not neglect it – train it hard & always listen to you body).

The first week I found it hard to get up and go, now, I want to swim, bike, run and lift. The drive is slowly returning and I am beginning to feel good again. This is something I have not felt in quite some time. Let’s hope this continues (positive vibes!).

If you are like me and you have a dream or a goal, take a few minutes each day and begin setting yourself up for success – Just Start! Harder said than done sometimes I know, but trust yourself and start with small steps because that’s all it takes to get the ball rolling. And once it starts rolling, you are unstoppable.

2 weeks down 37 to go :)

With Resilience, Strength, Intensity and Endurance we RISE & Tri.

- Amanda

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