Is this really how my journey is going to start!?!

So, there I was last week, planning my road to Ironman Cozumel (26 Nov 17) and BAM! Out of nowhere in the middle of the night I wake up with chest pain and shortness of breath. Now, all signs pointed to symptoms of a heart attack: tightness in the chest, shortness of breath and numbness and tingling in my arm and face. And what do I do may you ask; deny, take some antacids and try to go back to sleep. Sorry Mom for not calling you! Yup that’s what I did, full well knowing better. In addition, on a few hours sleep I get up and go teach a spin class (not the smartest thing I have ever done). Still not feeling great, I talk to a few of my co-workers and about ten minutes later we are on our way to emerg. Thanks work family for taking care of me!

Spending a good portion of the day in the hospital while the Docs ran some tests on my heart and lungs I find out I am as fit as a fiddle. Heart and Lungs are healthy. THANK GOODNESS! So, I guess the question is now, what the heck happened??? As I sit here writing this all symptoms have dissipated and I am left wondering was it stress, anxiety over the momentous challenge I have ahead. Maybe a combination of other life stressor; work, family or just life in general. I have no clue why this happened, all I can do is monitor my symptoms (if they come back) and try to link them to how I feel, what’s going on and my environment.

In the end this is just adding another layer to my challenge of going all in and making this a lifestyle. I am taking another day of rest as recommended by my Doc and then I’ll be back at it.

If you were to take one thing from this post, please let it be take care of yourself first. If you are having symptoms of heart attack or stroke, or are in distress of any kind please seek medical attention immediately as time may be a factor. It is better to be safe and go to emerg than the alternative.

In health with Resilience, Strength, Intensity and Endurance we RISE & Tri.

  • Amanda

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